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I'm Finally Creating My First Full Game | Devlog #0

In April I completed a Game Jam for The Godot Wild Jam #68, which had the theme 'Forge'. This had some exciting prospects and some great submissions! Survive the Mines takes inspiration from Minecraft, Terraria, Core Keeper, and other Crafting/Mining focused survival sandbox games as well as the typical Survivor genre where enemies constantly pursue you.

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How to Add Controller Support in Godot 4

In this post we’re going to continue our series on Godot Fundamentals. We’ll be adding controller support to move our tank and navigate our UI. We will also be adding input scheme options within our game menu, controller vibrations when firing, and replacing our mouse cursor with a weapon crosshair when our input scheme changes to the gamepad.

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Using Godot 4's TileMaps and Custom Data Layers: Godot Fundamentals

In this post we’re going to continue our series on Godot Fundamentals. We’ll be covering the TileMap and TileSet features within Godot and how you can setup Terrains, Layers, Auto-Tiling, Patterns, and Custom Data for your Levels. By the end we should be able to design our Level using the our TileSet, and see our Tank behave differently based on our current tile type we are interacting with.

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Getting Started with Godot in 2023: Godot Fundamentals

We’ll cover an introduction to Godot. How to download and install. Go over the interface and the sections we’ll want to be familiar with, and the main concepts of working in Godot: Scenes, Nodes, the Scene Tree and Signals. By the end of this video you will have what you need to know to start your own project and understand where to begin inside the Godot Engine.

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