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Godot closes out it's feature merging phase and prepares to enter it's feature freeze phase. Beta releases for Godot 4.1 are on the horizon.

Godot Dev Snapshot: 4.1 dev 4

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Godot 4.1 dev 4 

Godot get's a snapshot release dev #4 for 4.1 , which they are now closing the feature merge phase and starting the feature freeze phase. We should expect the next release for to begin the beta branch for 4.1.

The team is confident in the work they've done since the release of 4.0 and that 4.1 bring major improvements. We should be excited for the 4.1 release as it further cements the 4.x into the prospects of production use!

What's new? 

If you're using C# for your projects, you can now take advantage of global class support. This will help in overall engine integration including custom resources wtihin the editor.

Godot's project manager also get's a new tagging feature to help further organize your projects by assigning custom tags to your project.

GDExtension API now offers support for registering editor plugin using any supported language.

This release comes from over 100 changes that you can check out on the interactive changelog . Here's a glimpse as whats been touched:

  • 2D
  • Animation
  • C#
  • Core
  • Editor
  • GDExtension
  • GDScript
  • GUI
  • Import
  • Input
  • Network
  • Particles
  • Rendering
  • Shaders
  • Class Icons
  • Documentation

Check it out and provide feedback 

Now that they've entered a feature freeze, it's important that we help test thiese next releases and provide feedback for any bugs we may encounter, as they enter a bug fix mode. Head over to the announcement post  for more info on this release. Be sure to download a copy  for yourself and get testing.

Happy Coding!

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