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More progress has been made towards the 4.1 release, they are nearing a feature freeze.

Godot Dev Snapshot: 4.1 dev 3

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Godot 4.1 dev 3 

The team is still hard at work with another 200+ commits merged into the dev 3 release  of Godot's 4.1 version. They are nearing a feature freeze as they keep tackling features and bugs to get the 4.1 release where they want it. There are a few exciting notable features added in this release!

What's new? 

There are quite a few changes and new features making their appearance in this release. One of the more exciting features for me is the new Multi Window support for the Script and Shader editors.

Script Editor Make Floating button Shader Editor Make Floating button

By clicking the Make Floating buttons that now appear on both the Script tab and the Shader Panel, a new window will pop out for the respective editors.

Script Editor in separate window

This will increase visibility on our projects when using multiple displays, but also is nice to swipe between virtual desktops on either Windows or Mac to get a quick pan between our 2D/3D view and the Scripts we're working on.

The other nice to see feature is for those of us that use 3D and import models that are facing away from us. The new look_at changes allow for model space support so that our models can be imported in a front/backwards direction and we can control that in editor.

The Navigation avoidance system also saw major rework affecting both 2D and 3D, there were a number of issues merged in that should see some big changes moving forward.

Again, many changes are included with over 200 commits in this release, check out the interactive changelog  for more specifics, but here are the categories of things changed:

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Animation
  • C#
  • Core
  • Editor
  • Export
  • GDExtension
  • GUI
  • Import
  • Input
  • Muliplayer
  • Navigation
  • Network
  • Particles
  • Physics
  • Porting
  • Rendering
  • Third Party
  • Unit Tests
  • Documentation

Check it out and provide feedback 

This release has some exciting features and should certainly be tested for any quirks. Head over to the announcement post  outlining in more details what was added in this release. Be sure to download a copy  for yourself and get testing.

Happy Coding!

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