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Following the announcement for a new development and release plan, Godot has released it's first dev snapshot for version 4.1

Godot Dev Snapshot: 4.1 dev 1

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Godot 4.1 dev 1 

If you've been following the official blog , you've likely seen the announcement that covered Godot's development and release plans . Based on that plan we should see more structured release cycles, with contributors capable of determining when to push a change to hopefully be included in a cycle. They are hoping this reduces the stress of pushing a feature in a rushed or early state just to get it in the next cycle, which previously wasn't always known when that window could close. The team is also hoping to continue the practice of releasing preview builds often, which leads them into this release for us to get our hands on and start testing the upcoming features of 4.1 with the release of 4.1's dev snapshot 1 .

What's new? 

The Godot team released a really nice interactive changelog  where you can quickly see all the PRs and changes sorted by version. I encourage those interested go and check it out . new interactive changelog

Changes made 2D, Animation, Audio, Buildsystem, C# Support and loads of changes for the Core, Editor, GDScript, GUI, Import, Input, Navigation, Particles, Physics, Porting, Rendering, Shaders, XR and more. It does seem the work they are prioritizing for 4.1  can be seen in this early preview!

Check it out and provide feedback 

Part of what I enjoyed about the release of 4.0 was the quick feedback loop we got from the team as they squashed bugs, added features, and got things rolled out as quickly as they could, even over holidays! In order for them to deliver on that tight feedback loop, they need feedback from fellow developers such as ourselves. So head over to the Downloads section  and get testing and provide that valuable feedback they need!

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